Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its so HARD to say goodbye...

my 1st entry!!!

So excited to create this blog. Well the reason to create this blog because my bestfriends have a blog..and i think its cool to have a blog too. (is that rite yaty ?)


so......tadaaaaa this is my first entry..
please support my blog yeah..
i can not figure out what suitable name for my beautiful blog. Just for fun so i didnt think seriously.

Just a simple blog to share my life. Since i didnt have any diaries.
This blog can be my first diary. 

So, what about today, today is my last day.
Last day for my Diploma in Accountancy. Seriously i cant believe that i already finished my Diploma which means i have studied in UITM Jengka for almost 3 years!!! 
wah wah wah!!! Alhamdulillah.

All sweet and sour memories with my best buddies in UITM Jengka is so priceless. How i meet them how i become their friends and how i found my true love here. So many memories. I cant say it anymore because i am so sad and i need to control because my tears almost comes out. To leave this place and to leave all my friends.

This morning I just finished my last paper. FAR 350. Little bit disappointed but bolehlaaa..
So happy because i can finished it. Alhamdulillah. Tomorrow i have speaking test for MUET. gilo. Tak prepare pape!!!

All my friends , i wish i still can be your friends if in case we can not study together anymore for our degree. Thanks for all of your kindness and caring and loving me as your friends. I love you all. Good luck for our future undertakings. InsyaAllah. :)

Aku dan Pingu

Pingu dan Dila

Azie dan Pingu

Yaty Pingu Dila

Its so HARD to say goodbye..rite??

P/s: Saje menggediks nak menaip in english. Grammar berterabur. I'm still learning yo! :)


Matika said...

2 kali dh nangis...kcian nya kakak...

Miss Yaty said...

@mamat: aah..sedey sgt sebab kitorang dah tak dapat belajar tempat sme lagi :(